January 16, 2020
AFDigital, a Salesforce partner in the Philippines, Australia, and throughout APAC, is continuously looking for ways to help you build a smarter organisation, which is why we’ve added Heroku as a new capability! Here’s why you should jump into this awesome cloud platform.

Heroku is a Platform-as-a-Service, which works hand-in-hand with Salesforce and which lets you build, deliver, monitor, deploy, and scale your apps to help your business produce value. In this hyperconnected world that we live in, your business needs apps because these have become a way for customers to interact and stay connected with you.

But why choose Heroku? Here are 9 reasons:
  • It is user-friendly.
  • No need to worry about infrastructure details.
  • It has a useful and efficient DevCenter.
  • It has an incredible command-line interface.
  • It supports eight languages:

  • Developers are allowed to choose from several databases and data stores based on precise individual application needs.
  • There are a lot of awesome add-ons and plugins provided.
  • Some commands are built in to help businesses scale the tool easily.
  • You are able to deploy from different sources.

And because Heroku is part of the Salesforce platform, integration is a breeze. With your Salesforce CRM plus Heroku, you can further improve on the full-cycle customer engagement through:
  1. Data Replication - You can copy or synchronize data between Salesforce and another system to enable cross-data source reporting and analysis.
  2. Data Proxies - You can collect datastores without copying the data to enable data science, business intelligence, reporting, and dashboarding tools to collate data across multiple datastores.
  3. Custom User Interfaces - Creating custom user interfaces for Salesforce easily is made possible using a variety of technologies such as Visualforce and Lightning Components.
  4. External Processes - You can offload batch processing or workflow and trigger event handling to apps on Heroku.

Now that we’ve given you a handful of reasons why Heroku is a great addition to any Salesforce implementation, we’re ready to sit down with you and discuss how it can benefit your business specifically. Book a call or a meeting with us today.

We’ve just started the year and we’re already brewing something exciting for you this February! Tune in for more updates.